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Alle Reisetbauer & Son Single Malt Whiskys im Fasskeller
Alle Reisetbauer & Son Single Malt Whiskys im Fasskeller


Everything from a single source. From the bottle content to the print design, almost all components of the new Reisetbauer & Son Single Malt Whisky originate from Reisetbauer. Under time-consuming manual labor, each bottle is filled by hand, labeled, sealed and then packed. An Austrian single malt that is outstanding in terms of quality - that was the goal with this high-quality product, and you can see and taste it.

Alle Reisetbauer & Son Single Malt Whiskys inkl. Verpackungsboxen

» SINCE 1995 «

Hans Reisetbauer

The path of this unique whisky began more than 25 years ago in the farm of Reisetbauers. Because from this, now organic, agriculture comes the summer malt barley, which has always been the origin of
Hans Reisetbauer's single malt whisky.

Meanwhile, the delivery of the perfect raw material is the task of Hansi Junior, who now takes care of the farming.

Hansi Junior has been taught high quality standards and a passion for distilling from an early age. With his studies at the University of Natural Resources and Applied Life Sciences in Vienna, he has deepened his knowledge of agriculture and food management and brings this to his father's business.

His first success: the holistic conversion of Reisetbauer agriculture to organic farming.

His father is the grand seigneur of distillers and together they are a duo with many ideas that complement each other perfectly. Thus, the single malt has also received its new, more modern "look" and may proudly call itself
"Reisetbauer & Son".

With the perfect raw material, Hans Reisetbauer finally distills the high-proof malt spirit from the malted barley with a lot of experience and passion.

The master distiller also goes his own way when it comes to storage. Following his guiding principle "Quality creates friendship", he convinced the winegrowers Velich, Gesellmann and Kracher to let him have those wooden barrels in which Chardonnay or Trockenbeerenauslese once matured. It is precisely these special barrels that give
Reisetbauer & Son Single Malt Whisky its unique note.

After this step, you need one thing above all: a lot of time and patience! For seven, twelve or even fifteen years, the high-proof distillate matures in wooden barrels towards perfection.

Hansi Reisetbauer Junior
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