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With currently 12 employees, Hans Reisetbauer has been running the company since 1994 - and with success!
His eaux-de-vie have long been among the international elite, because his credo was and always has been:
To produce pleasure and not just a simple, sharp liquor.

Reisetbauer Fass

Hans Reisetbauer's guiding principle is "Quality creates friendship". In his orchard and distillery this motto is lived - and you can taste it! The quality of the fruit ultimately makes the quality of the fruit brandy, and therefore really only the best goes into the bottle.

Various awards underline his success to this day. Thus, the renowned Falstaff publishing house also named Hans Reisetbauer 'Distiller of the Year' several times and his business the best distillery in Austria.

Reisetbauer Sortiment
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