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Blue Gin & Tonic wird in einer Bar hergerichtet
Blue Gin Organic Flasche


Three essential criteria determine the careful production of Hans Reisetbauer's BLUE GIN:

Quality instead of quantity: this high-quality gin is distilled only once a year.

Loving handwork: from harvesting the juniper to closing the bottles.

And last but not least: it is the Austrian top quality that Hans Reisetbauer lives.


Blue Gin Flasche
Sloeberry Blue Gin Flasche
Matured Blue Gin Flasche
Blue Gin & Blue Gin & Tonics in einer Bar


The biggest challenge, of course, lies in the elaborate production process. The start is made by the wheat variety "Mulan", which can be found in the adjacent fields of the distillery. With the gentle "pot still process" the valuable raw material is turned into the first raw spirit with 40% alcohol by volume. After the second distillation process, the long-awaited fine spirit with 84% alcohol by volume is obtained. During maceration the aromas are gently extracted and preserved in the fine grain alcohol.


The exact recipe of the "botanicals" is of course top secret. However, it is 27 carefully selected ingredients such as lemon zest, angelica root, coriander seeds, turmeric, licorice roots and much more. These come from more than 14 countries such as Egypt, China, Spain, Indonesia, Macedonia, Romania, Turkey, USA and Vietnam, that much is revealed. The juniper berries are of course the most important ingredient of BLUE GIN. They come from the last harvest in each case and must be particularly fresh as well as typically mediterranean-spicy. The crowning glory of premium BLUE GIN receives through its subsequent filtration.

The multi-faceted composition creates a crystal clear and refreshing, at the same time elegant and lively

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