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Reisetbauer Qualitätsbrennerei


​In 2019 the complete Reisetbauer distillery was renewed. It was dismantled in its entirety

and replaced by a new, more modern version. Key words: precise temperature control at all times, state-of-the-art cleaning systems for maximum cleanliness; energy self-sufficient.

Hans Reisetbauer planned the new distillery plant himself in cooperation with Carl GmbH and had it built according to his wishes and specifications. Within a month, the old plant was completely dismantled, partially replaced, expanded and rebuilt.

A significant achievement is the temperature control that can be set to 0.05°. This increase in quality brings enormous advantages. In this way, the temperature can be precisely specified during the entire processing or distillation process and the aroma subtleties of each Eaux-de-Vie can be perfectly brought out.

Working at the cutting edge: The control system for the fermentation tanks has several interfaces and can, for example, also be conveniently operated from the master distiller's smartphone.

"A few years ago, we didn't even dream of such systems, and today it's hard to imagine working without them!" - Hans Reisetbauer

Reisetbauer Brennerei 1
Reisetbauer Brennerei 2
Reisetbauer Brennerei 3
Reisetbauer Brennerei 4
Reisetbauer Brennerei 5


For the most sustainable production as possible, Hans Reisetbauer relies on a sophisticated heat recovery system in which the water from the firing process is fed back into the heating system.

In addition: Since 2020, a photovoltaic system has been located on the flat roof of the Reisetbauer company building on an area of 1,800 m². This enables an almost completely energy self-sufficient operation!


Only the best fruits are processed into the Eaux-de-Vie. The fruit is washed at perfect ripeness, crushed and any seeds are removed in advance to avoid bitter notes in the final product. The resulting mash is then pumped into stainless steel fermentation tanks and gently fermented for several days at exactly constant temperature.

After fermentation is complete, the mash is distilled in copper pot stills in the so-called raw and fine distillation process. In this distillation process, a raw spirit is obtained first. The head and tail are generously cut off and the heart of the Eau-de-vie is distilled again. The procedure is repeated until the heart of the distillate, with about 84% Alcohol by volume, is finally reduced to drinking strength with spring water.


The water, in addition to the perfect fruit, plays an important role in the production of any Eau-de-Vie.

The pure and uncontaminated spring water of a Mühlviertel alpine pasture from the north of Upper Austria is extremely rare in this quality and fully meets Hans Reisetbauer's high requirements: It is particularly mild and soft, also low in lime and sodium, and has few inorganic minerals. This ensures that the fine aromas are fully preserved in the Eau-de-Vie. It thus subtly accentuates the taste and rounds it off for perfect drinking pleasure.

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