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"Booze Traveler" visited Axberg

Booze Traveler - Travel ChannelThe US-Television team of "Booze Traveler" - Travel Channel - visited us in Axberg and filmed a great episode about Reisetbauer and its brandies.

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Booze Traveler | Season 1 Episode 4 | Austria Is Good For You

Master Distiller 2014
Winner of the Falstaff Spirits Trophy

Reisetbauer Falstaff Spirits TrophyHans Reisetbauer won the Falstaff Spirit
Trophy 2014.

He was named as the best Austrian Distiller.

Exclusive presents from the Master Distiller
Hans Reisetbauer

Hans Reisetbauer und Freunde 13. Mai 2011Maybe you want to make your customers, business partners or your people for Christmas this year a special pleasure.

For the first time there we have an exclusive packing with a bottle of Williams Edelbrand and two glasses of Quinta Essentia. These glasses were developed from the Quinta Essentia, to meet the high demands of the enjoyment of Edelbrand.

You can contact us under +43 7221 63690 oder online email.

REISETBAUER International

REISETBAUER in der internationalen PresseThe quality of the "Edelbrand" of Hans Reisetbauer convinced once again the international audience. Whether it is the "Der Feinschmecker" from Germany, the "Saveur" or the "Class Magazine" from London, "Edelbrand".

If you have questions, don´t hesitate to contact us under +43 7221 63690 oder online email

Quinta Essentia - The Book of Fine Spirits

Reisetbauer QuintabuchThis book describes the nature and manufacture of fine spirits in Austria, providing insight into the history of destillation from the time of the alchemists down to the present day. It covers the development of the culture of drinking from its early abuse as medicine to the modern American bar. It explains the difference between high-quality and inferior distillates and provides competent information about the mysterious way in which our abundance of fruit is transformed into a precious elixir of life. Publishers are Alois Gölles, Karl Holzapfel, Valentin Latschen und Hans Reisetbauer
The price of the book is € 29,90 and you can order it under office@reisetbauer. at